Our Clients

Client-Centered Excellence

As the industry leader in the Greater Houston Area, we serve our clients with a dedication to quality and professionalism unmatched in the field. Our ability to seamlessly coordinate with our sister Clear Companies makes us a small company with large expertise, ready to tackle the toughest projects for both single-family residential developments as well as commercial developments.

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Commercial Developers

When it comes to water works projects such as wastewater treatment plants and lift stations, our reputation for quick, professional service to deliver a quality product has earned us repeat clients who count on C4 Partners for the delivery of world-class project completion.
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Residential Developers

We are leaders in new residential development, providing high-quality, dependable water treatment facilities and wastewater treatment plants through a wholly in-house approach that allows us to provide timely service at a higher quality for a superior experience and end result.
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Municipal Utility Districts

MUDs of all sizes benefit from our alliance with civil engineering firms along with our in-house coordination with other members of the Clear Companies family, such as ClearPave and Clear Energy. Offering clients access to specialized equipment and critical resources allows for a more efficient project experience, with the added benefit of savings in time and money.
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